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Yildiz Shotgun -20 Gauge Over and Under Shotgun

Yildiz Shotgun -20 Gauge Over and Under Shotgun

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Yildiz - 20 bore over and under shotgun, SST, 5 multichokes, auto safe, 3" chamber. Stocked in 28" and 30" barrel lengths and also available with a short stock ideal for younger shots.

Yildiz Shotgun has become the pride of Turkey with its 40 year experience in the manufacture of quality shotguns produced by a highly skilled workforce in a modern and technically advanced factory.
Yildiz Shotgun has been producing 45,000 shotguns per year in 70 different models tailored to the needs of our customers. All of the products have been developed with modern technology by our own technical team’s unique designs.
With its excellent product quality and after sales service Yildiz Shotgun has gained the confidence of its customers worldwide exporting 95% of production to 65 countries ranging from Europe to Asia and North America to Africa.
Yildiz Shotgun treats each customer with special care. We have recently added new products to our range for collectors and started producing custom made guns that have colored stocks with dark grains, are hand engraved and presented in special cases.

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