Yapi Moderator 20 TRADE

Yapi Moderator 20 TRADE

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Yapi Moderator 1/2 inch unf x 20 thread

Made in Ireland, this newly designed moderator has excellent features. We have been working very closely with some Irish companies to design and make this fantastic piece of kit.

Suitable for .22LR, 22WMR and also .17HMR.
This is one of the lightest weight silencers / moderators that you will fnd on the market. The outer case is made from lightweight matt wrapped carbon with a tough and durable lightweight baffle.

• Lightweight
• Small and compact
• Suitable for .22LR / WMR and 17HMR
• ½ inch unf x 20 and ½ inch unf x 28
• Length 14.6cm x Diamter 3cm

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