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Winchester | SX4 | Camo | 12G

Winchester | SX4 | Camo | 12G

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The Winchester SX4 Camo is a semi-automatic shotgun in which the shotgun cartridges are reloaded by means of the Winchester Active Valve system (gas pressure of the previous shot) into the aluminium receiver.

To improve the shot pattern and reduce recoil, an 760 mm back bored barrel is used in which the front of the cartridge is less pressed together than in conventional barrels. The Winchester SX4 Camo Mobuc FIX barrel has a hard chromed plating to protect against wear.

The composite stock of the Winchester SX4 Camo Mobuc FIX features an Inflex Technology recoil pad. A fiber-optic gives a clear indication point and the matt camouflage print prevents glint and glare that could scare off birds.

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