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Wildcat evolution 22 centerfire 14x1

Wildcat evolution 22 centerfire 14x1

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The Wildcat Evolution has been introduced to run alongside the Predator 8 and Predator 12. It is a slimmer and lighter version of the Predator model.

The Evolution is available in .17, .22, .204, .243, .270, and .30. It has been tested on calibres up to 30-06, 308 and 270wsm. It is also suitable for use with the new solid copper ammunition. For larger calibres like the 338, 300WinMag, the Wildcat Predator is recommended.

Available in threads 1/2"unf, 1/2"unef, 5/8”unf, 5/8”unef, 14x1, 15x1, 15x1 spigot, 17x1 and 18x1. Other threads are available on request.

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