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Stalon | Moderator | X108

Stalon | Moderator | X108

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Stalon moderators are produced using only the finest precision engineering. They have a simple company philosophy, to produce the best possible sound moderators for hunting. Every component from the outer tube to the integral baffles are tested to perform at the highest level. The three main criteria for a moderator are low weight, maximum sound attenuation and minimal additional length to the barrel. Jakt Journal, Sweden’s premier hunting magazine, rated Stalon the best performer amongst its piers. available in all threads.


Stalon X108, Excellent telescopic silencer for hunting and shooting in most calibers, from cal. .222 to cal. .45.
With a short extension of the weapon, low weight and outstanding performance, the Stalon X108 is an obvious choice for a well-balanced weapon.


Key features:

  • Remarkable sound reduction, -30dBc (.308)
  • Minimal extension of weapon, 108mm
  • Low weight, 334gram
  • Teleskopic design
  • Smart system with interchangable fronts
  • Reduce the recoil
  • Extreme durability
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