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Sako | Powerhead Blade | 6.5x55 | 120gr | 20pcs

Sako | Powerhead Blade | 6.5x55 | 120gr | 20pcs

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Known for its world-famous rifles and high-quality cartridges, Sako raises the discussion of lead-free bullets to a new level. The lead-free SAKO Blade, made of pure copper, is equipped with a terminal ballistic Blade tip, which, together with the 5-stage expansion structure, opens the bullet even with a lower expansion load (longer shooting distances, smaller game), taking care of functionality even in high-speed big game hits. As the latest addition to the popular POWERHEAD series, the SAKO BLADE brings the following advanced features.


Unalloyed, pure copper provides excellent performance for bullet terminal ballistics due to its good toughness-strength properties. Compared to stronger copper alloy materials, pure copper offers a better opening/forming ability of the bullet, which becomes an advantage especially at longer shooting distances, in which case the lead-free option is not a compromise even in more demanding use.


While copper is clearly a stronger material than lead, at Sako we have noticed a weakness associated with many lead-free alternatives: the prolonged opening delay of the bullet at the critical moment of impact. With a unique, three-edged Blade tip, along with a reaction bevel and optimized wall strength, we aim to minimize the opening delay of this bullet - we're talking about improved bullet expansion reaction. With the help of the 5-stage expansion structure, the bullet achieves excellent action in a comprehensive range of action: from short to longer shooting distances, from smaller animals to big game, and all this without compromising flight ballistics.
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