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Rifle | Dome Field Pellet | 5.5mm | .22 Cal | 250pcs

Rifle | Dome Field Pellet | 5.5mm | .22 Cal | 250pcs

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The pellets produced by Rifle are ideal ammunition for shooters looking for a differentiated cost benefit. Considered of the highest quality, it provides better performance and efficiency in shooting. This model has a rounded head with a grooved skirt, providing extremely high performance in ranged shots. The Sport & Field line brings a wide variety of pellets for the most varied uses and levels of shooters. Leads for pistols and carbines, air or spring.



- Caliber: 5.5 (.22)
- Model: Dome Field
- Can Weight Approx.: 385 g
- Weight: 1.19 g (18.36 gr)
- Quantity: 250 units
- Ballistic Coefficient: 0.025

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