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Norma | TIPSTRIKE Varmint .223 Remington 55gr

Norma | TIPSTRIKE Varmint .223 Remington 55gr

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TIPSTRIKE™ is developed for stopping power, combined with a penetration deep enough to reach the vital organs of the game. The polymer tip assures the expansion and gives a devastating shock effect due to the construction of the bullet jacket. To maintain a high retention weight, the jacket is reinforced with a mechanical lock, thus making TIPSTRIKE an outstanding bullet for driven hunts and other forms of hunting where an immediate stop is crucial.
  • 20157352

  • Caliber

    223 Rem.

  • Weight


  • Ballistic coefficient




  • V0 3215 f/s

  • V200 2451 f/s

  • V300 2115 f/s


  • E0 1263 ft.-lb

  • E50 969 ft.-lb

  • E100 734 ft.-lb

  • E200 546 ft.-lb


  • 100yds 0.56 in

  • 200yds 2.4 in

  • 300yds 5.79 in

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