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Kral | Jumbo Hi Cap | Black | .22

Kral | Jumbo Hi Cap | Black | .22

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This Kral Arms Jumbo Hi Cap Black is a PCP air rifle. The folding stock is adjustable in length, while the cheekpiece can be adjusted in height.

This Kral Arms has a clear and easy to operate safety on the right side and the threaded barrel and features a knurled thread protector.

This Kral rifle has plenty of desirable features beyond the stock. It comes with two spring-loaded magazines that allow for quick follow up shots via the smooth side lever action. The carbine also has a precision rifled and choked Kral barrel that is fully shrouded.
This is a remarkable air rifle that will not disappoint a shooter looking for a more tactical look.

Includes ‘free’ basic Kral hard case, and spare bottle.

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