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Franchi | Affinity 3.5 Camo Shotgun | Cobalt

Franchi | Affinity 3.5 Camo Shotgun | Cobalt

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Affinity 3,5 Elite Cobalt supermagnum camo offers maximum performance on any hunting "ground", from the brackish waters of lagoons to the humid environments of lakes and ponds.

Power is not a possibility, it is a choice of life. For the hunter who prefers the effectiveness of a supermagnum shotgun, but does not want to give up handling, Affinity 3,5 Elite Cobalt is the perfect semi-automatic to live the utmost hunting experience. Analogously to its younger brother chambered magnum shotgun, shoulder stock and forearm in Optifade Timber technopolymer ensure total camouflage, to blend in the most humid environments and go unnoticed by the sharp vision of water birds.

This particular camouflage, enshrining plant elements of the natural habitat, has been specifically designed to deceive the perception of birds, through camouflage patterns and details that confuse their eyesight.

The Cerakote finish on barrel and gunstock increases the durability of the metal parts and the corrosion resistance, even if used in humid environments and in extreme climatic conditions. Provided with step rib and three standard equipment chokes, thanks to the dual color optic fiber sight it ensures a fast and precise aiming even in the poor visibility hours. Available for 12 gauge with 71 cm steelshot barrels, it boasts a TSA-ADV recoil pad which allows to reduce the recoil of the powerful supermagnum cartridges while maintaining great handling. Affinity 3,5 Elite Cobalt is the ideal companion for hiding among the sedges and marshy canebrakes typical of waterfowl hunting.
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