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Fiocchi | 30.06 sp 180gr

Fiocchi | 30.06 sp 180gr

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Fiocchi 30.06 sp 180gr

Fiocchi’s decision to produce these lines was supported by significant investment in terms of resources, research and development. Our American plant in Missouri was equipped with a modern 300 metre shooting range and the latest equipment for loading and testing of rifle cartridges. Fiocchi American powder, shot shells and primers selected with the most stringent military testing, and Sierra and Hornady bullets form the basis of the exceptional performance of these products.

The cartridges of Fiocchi rifle line are designed for all the European ungulates. Available in the most common calibres, thanks to the use of the best components available on the market and the absolute level of performance, they allow the hunter to fully express its shooting skill. Each caliber is available in different types to be chosen according to the wild game and hunting conditions. In addition to EPN balls (Expansion Plastic Nose) with a polymer tip and to the great classic FMJ(Full Metal Jacket) and SP (Soft Point), there are the loads FRN Freccia Nera with a solid copper bullet at controlled expansion and a primer without lead and heavy metals for a minimal environmental impact.

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