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Eley Pigeon Select 30g Size 6

Eley Pigeon Select 30g Size 6

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The Eley Hawk Pigeon Select shotshell load was developed in close conjunction with Geoff Garrod, a UK renowned Game Keeper that desired a cartridge that could get those toughened up Pigeons and would work well with semiautomatic shotguns, Geoff's favorite hunting gun.

Geoff is a fan of Eley cartridges and fondly remembers going out as a boy with his dad to shoot wood pigeons and in his own words “there is nothing quite like that evocative smell of a freshly fired Eley cartridge and I remember picking up those freshly spent cartridges and having a sniff and helping my Dad who taught me some great lessons out in the field. In many ways I like to think I am carrying on those special moments now with my son. Eley has always been my choice and the 30 g 6 shot works just right in my semi auto”.

Eley Pigeon cartridge package

The Eley Pigeon cartridge comes in 30gr load, in plastic wad, in No. 6 shot, Ideal for the younger Pigeons

The crimping on this cartridge is an Eley 6 star crimp that ensures crisp clean firing, and a specially developed clean burning powder rounds off a cartridge that will constantly produce a good pattern and deliver a great bag of pigeons. The box will be made in more durable cardboard for ease of handling and transportation by the shooter.

Speaking about this cartridge David Thompson, Eley Hawk Marketing Manager said: “This is an exciting new product built in conjunction with a well respected Game Keeper. The 30 grams load will be just right in semi autos and the No. 6 shot will have that extra momentum to carry it a bit further out to those Woodies which can be pretty fast at the best of times”.

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