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Bergara | B14R Trainer Steel | .22LR

Bergara | B14R Trainer Steel | .22LR

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Bergara B-14R Trainer STEEL DM RIFLE

Currently available in stock in .22lr

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This rifle is designed as a true rimfire “trainer” in that it works within the dimensions of a REM700 platform, allowing shooters to have a similar size and feel to their centerfire rifle, or even set up as a clone to their centerfire to train with. It, therefore, fits REM700 compatible stocks, bases, and triggers.

The Rimfire Series is the natural evolution of Bergara continuing its journey forward. Due to the fact that we have been making highly accurate rimfire barrels on an OEM basis for over a decade, we are confident that we can deliver exceptional performance and relevant features that make your rimfire shooting experience more successful.

With our advanced expertise in engineering, we combined two distinct platforms that serve completely different needs such as plinking and hunting as well as serious competition shooting.

The B-14R is specifically designed for long range rimfire shooting, training, and competing. It features a full-size 700 footprint and accepts many after-market components including stocks, triggers, and mounts. The push-feed action sports dual extractors and a full-size detachable magazine.

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