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Beretta | A400 Xplor Action 20g 28

Beretta | A400 Xplor Action 20g 28

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Key Features:

  • Microcore® Recoil pad

  • Steelium® Plus Optima Bore® HP barrels

  • Optimachoke® High Performance

  • Kick-Off® Stock

  • Ready for GunPod

Steelium® Plus barrels, together with the special Optima-Bore® HP geometry, are designed to promise the best performance.

With such an arrangement, the shot pattern is maintained perfect and uniform in all types of hunting, even with the use of Optima-Choke® HP chokes

At the heart of the shotgun is the B-Link® system (revised and reduced for the 28-gauge) B-Link® is the engine of the A400-series semiautomatics, the result of the integration of Beretta's gas-take-off system, rotary head lock and feed system.

B-Link® is thus more powerful and particularly clean, all to the benefit of weapon maintenance.

The recoil is eliminated with the innovative Micro-Core recoil pad, developed by Beretta with decades of experience on shooting ranges around the world, thanks to the open-cell expanded technopolymer, which is softer, lighter and smoother than rubber.

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