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Beretta 686 Onyx Shotgun

Beretta 686 Onyx Shotgun

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The 686 White Onyx is built around an action that has become an unrivaled benchmark for over-unders. It features a dual locking-lug system that ensures both strength and sleekness: the dual lugs in the middle of the action dispense with the need of a cross-bolt on top, thus enabling the receiver to be thin and low-profile. The point of balance is right at the hinge-pin, meaning that this Beretta shotgun will shoulder and point better than other brands costing several times as much.

The White Onyx comes with barrels equipped with the Optimachoke system, to let you easily swap choke tubes to match the type of hunting or shooting you intend to do. Also, the cold-hammer forged tubes are super-resistant and with withstand any kind of shell you put through them. The single selective trigger further enables you to put two different chokes on the barrels, thereby tailoring each shot to the intended distance and purpose. Lastly, the 686 White Onyx is extremely easy to maintain, since we have constructed it of highly-durable materials designed to last for generations. So, whether you are an upland hunter, a turkey or waterfowl hunter, or even a clay shooter, the 686 White Onyx is a shotgun that will give you both top performance and pride of ownership.

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