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Benelli raffaello

Benelli raffaello

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Flagship of the Benelli range, the Raffaello is uncompromising in its presentation and offers the perfect blend of aesthetic detail and mechanical excellence. Featuring the exclusive and unmistakeable two-part receiver, a development of the Montefeltro model, and sharing the same barrel but with a removable action shroud. The inertia mechanism is therefore fully accessible, allowing for deep cleaning of all parts including the trigger mechanism. With 3” chamber and crio chokes the Raffaello series is fitted with either steel or carbon rib, depending on the model.

Accompanying the unique and striking, new look of the Raffaello Black, are several technological features which make this gun as sexy to shoot as it is to look at! At the heart of these is Progressive Comfort, Benelli’s brand new recoil damping system which intelligently reacts to different cartridge loads by varying its response. The damping mechanism is located inside the stock and is connected to the recoil pad, providing amazingly effective recoil reduction whilst minimising muzzle climb and vibration.

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