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Swiss Arms | Cybergun Walnut 1911 Grips | US Star

Swiss Arms | Cybergun Walnut 1911 Grips | US Star

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Manufactured by Cybergun, these 1911 grips have been specially designed for the KWC series of 1911's e.g. Cybergun Co2 powered 1911's

These real wood grips are fantastic quality, and really improve the overall aesthetic of your replica. The finish is excellent, and they feel fantastic in your hand. Best of all, because they're real wood, they will age realistically, making them look even better as time goes on.

These grips are straightforward to install - simply remove the old grips (undo the flat head screws on both sides of the pistol (4x total; 2x each side) and remove the old panels. Place the new panels in position, and replace the screws (make sure you don't lose them - they are needed for the new grips).

Compatible with Cybergun/KWC 1911's, e.g. 180512, 180521, 180524, 180525, 180529, 180531, 180532, 180564, Elite Force 1911 Tactical, Dan Wesson Valor, Vorsk 1911's etc.

Not compatible with KJW

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